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Briony Kate Varda, MD, MPH

Service: Urology
Board Certifications:
Urology – Board Eligible
Areas of Clinical Interest:
Hydronephrosis, vesicoureteral reflux, posterior urethral valves, neurogenic bladder, hydroceles, hernias, urinary tract infections; patient with complex genitourinary conditions and those requiring revision reconstructive surgery

Undergraduate: Macalester College (2005)
Medical School: University of Minnesota (2011)
Residency: Harvard-Longwood Program in Urology (2016)
Internship: Brigham and Women’s Hospital (2012)
Fellowship: Boston Children’s Hospital (2019)

Awards & Recognition:

Boston Children’s Global Health Program Travel Grant Recipient (2017)
Harvard Program in Urology, Exceptional Resident Award (2016)
Eunice L. Dwan Scholarship for students interested in pediatric surgery (2011)
Dr. Nellie N. Barsness Scholarship for outstanding women in medicine (2010)




Clinic Locations: Fairfax

Keystone Publications:

Varda BK, Finkelstein JB, Wang HH, Logvinenko T, Nelson CP. The association between continuous antibiotic prophylaxis and urinary tract infection between birth and initial postnatal imaging evaluation among newborns with antenatal hydronephrosis. J Pediatr Urol. 2018 May 29.

Varda BK, Wang Y, Chung BI, Lee RS, Kurtz MP, Nelson CP, Chang SL. Has the robot caught up? National trends in utilization, perioperative outcomes and cost for open, laparoscopic and robotic pediatric pyeloplasty in the United States from 2003-2015. J Pediatr Urol. 2018 Feb 22.

Varda BK, Johnson EK, Clark C, Chung BI, Nelson CP, Chang SL. National trends of perioperative outcomes and costs for open, laparoscopic and robotic pediatric pyeloplasty. J Urol. 2014 Apr;191(4):1090-5. 

Varda BK, Rajender A, Yu RN, Lee RS. A contemporary single-institution retrospective cohort study comparing perioperative outcomes between robotic and open partial nephrectomy for poorly-functioning renal moieties in children with duplex collecting systems. J Pediatri Urol. 2018 Jul 11.

Service: Urology
Where did you grow up?
Madison, WI
Why did you become a doctor and why did you choose your specialty?
I become a doctor because it is the perfect mix of problem-solving while also helping other people. I chose Pediatric Urology because I enjoy the artistry of surgery and the ability to fix a problem using my hands. I chose to work with children because kids keep you honest and they are full of funny surprises. I don’t go through the day without a patient making me laugh. I also see it as a privilege to provide comfort to families – particularly parents - when they face uncertainty or fear.
How long have you practiced in the Washington, DC area and what do you like most about it?
One year. The variety of patients with whom I work and a generally positive, warm and respectful culture of care.
What do you most enjoy doing outside of your clinical practice, when you’re not working?
Spending time with my three children, particularly outside hiking or playing sports. We love tennis and soccer.
Do you volunteer? If so, where?
I’m part of a medical mission that serves Cape Verde – an island off of the Western coast of Africa.
Describe your proudest accomplishment as a provider and/or in your personal life:
My proudest professional accomplishment is the aggregate of all the little accomplishments that allowed me to get where I am today and to serve my patients with a high-degree of expertise (as well as parental savvy).
If you weren’t a doctor, what profession would you most likely be doing and why?
Sports Journalism