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Kathleen Link, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology
Board Certifications:
Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics, Board Certified in Pediatric Endocrinology
Areas of Clinical Interest:
Diabetes, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, precocious puberty
Undergraduate - University of Illinois, Champaign - Urbana (1973)
Medical School - Southern Illinois University (1976)
Internship - Columbus Children’s Hospital (1977)
Residency - University of Virginia School (1979)
Fellowship - University of Virginia Medical Center (1983)
Awards & Recognition:
Top Doctors Awards - Northern Virginia Magazine, Virginia Living Magazine, Washingtonian
Clinic Locations: Ashburn, Fairfax

Keystone Publications:

Link, KM, Blizzard RM, Evans WS, Kaiser DL, Parker MW , Rogol AD:  “ the effect of Androgens on the Pulsatile Release and the 24 Hour mean concentration of Growth Hormone in Peri pubertal Males”. JCEM 62: 159, 1986.

Mauras N, Blizzard RM, Link KM, Johnson ML, Rogol AD, Veldhuis JD: “ Augmentation of Growth Hormone Secretion During Puberty; Evidence for a Pulse Amplitude- modulated Phenonmenon”. JCEM 64: 596, 1987.

Boepple PA, Mansfield MJ, Link KM, Crawford JD, Crigler Jr. JF, Kushner DC, Blizzard RM, Crowley Jr. WF: “ Impact  of Sex Steroids and their Suprression on Skeletal Growth and Maturation”.  American Journal of Physiology 255 E559-566, 1988.

Where did you grow up?
Springfield, IL
Why did you become a doctor and why did you choose your specialty?
I observed my father help my neighbors growing up. He saved one child’s life with the Heimlich maneuver and he kept a friend from bleeding to death. I wanted to help others in a similar manner. I chose Endocrinology because I liked medical problems that could be measured and improved. I also had 3 family members with type 1 diabetes, one who died before the discovery of insulin.
How long have you practiced in the Washington, DC area and what do you like most about it?
I have practiced in the Northern Virginia Area since 1986. I like the diversity of medical problems and the diversity of people. I also like having a good center for support services such as provided by Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children.
What do you most enjoy doing outside of your clinical practice, when you’re not working?
Reading, dancing and traveling with my husband, spending time with my son, stepsons and grandchildren.
Do you volunteer? If so, where?
No time for volunteer work.
Describe your proudest accomplishment as a provider and/or in your personal life:
My proudest accomplishment in my professional life, is being able to enjoy the relationships with the patients that I have cared for over the years. I still get Christmas cards and graduation notices of from many of my old patients
If you weren’t a doctor, what profession would you most likely be doing and why?
If I was not a doctor, I would be working in the field of education. I have been worried over the years how our school system seems to kill a child’s interest in learning. Almost every child is eager to go to kindergarten, but 50 % of them hate high school.
Personal Sketch:
1 - Son
3 - Step sons
5 - Grandchildren
1 - Dog - Honey, a Golden Retriever