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PSV Telemedicine


Pediatric Specialists of Virginia (PSV) is pleased to announce that it is offering telemedicine visits to the children and families of Northern Virginia and nearby communities.

PSV’s “Virtual Care Program” is a more convenient and safe way to access high-quality pediatric specialty care – especially amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.  If you already have an in-person appointment scheduled, or if you call (703.876.2788) for a new visit, we may be offering this service to you as part of our COVID-19 response.  

PSV’s telemedicine visits will be conducted via Zoom.  Patients and families can use their computers, tablets, or smartphone devices over their internet/Wi-Fi connection to participate in the secure and HIPAA-compliant virtual visit with their provider.  Patients will receive an email with all downloading and user instructions.  Please be advised that patients must be physically present in the state of Virginia during the time of the telemedicine visit to comply with the signed consent. In addition, the patient and at least one consenting adult me be present during the visit.

PSV Telemedicine User Guide (Complete Instructions Below)


Zoom Instructions