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GI Helpful Resources — Laboratory Testing

Blood, urine and other laboratory tests can generally be obtained at any commercial or hospital-based laboratory. Please make sure you check with your insurance company as to whether the test(s) are covered by your insurance and which testing facilities are covered.

For your convenience, we have a LabCorp located in our 3023 Hamaker Court office building.
We recommend you call the lab prior to make sure it is open when you arrive (571.766.3138).

Specific test FAQs:

-Fecal calprotectin- please refer to the following for details on specimen collection.

-Stool tests for blood (Heme-Occult or Stool Guaiac)-

  • Heme-Occult- This test requires submission of a stool sample to the lab. You may obtain a test kit at our Fairfax office (3023 Hamaker Court, 6th Floor), or your local laboratory.
  • Stool Guaiac- This test requires you to apply a small smear of stool to a commercial collection kit.  Smears from three different stool samples should be obtained.  You may obtain a test kit at our Fairfax office (3023 Hamaker Court, 6th Floor), and return the samples to our office using the self-addressed return envelope.  We will test the samples and relay the results to your physician.

-Breath tests for lactose intolerance, Helicobacter pylori, small bowel bacterial overgrowth

  • Due to COVID we are not currently performing these tests in our office, as previously done. However, please contact your GI physician’s nurse and we can help obtain a home testing kit for your child.


  • Our procedure scheduler will inform you if pre-procedure COVID screening is required. 
  • If instructed to receive a pre-procedure COVID screening, please click here.


How do I receive the results of my child’s lab test?
Please contact your physician’s nurse if you have not received the results from us within 2-3 days.