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Pediatric Specialists of Virginia
3023 Hamaker Court
Executive Offices, Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22031

Contact Us
703-848-6610 (Administration)
571-423-5750 (Billing Services)
703-876-2788 (Inquiries or Appointments) 
** Please call 703-876-2788 to make, reschedule, or cancel an appointment. Do not dial existing patient lines**

Existing Patient Line
(For provider or nurse questions, prescription refills, test results or other clinic specific questions)
703-635-2164 (Adolescent Gynecology)
703-635-2640 (Allergy
571-472-1717 (Cancer and Blood Disorders)
703-635-2703 (Developmental Pediatrics)
703-635-7752 (Endocrinology)
703-635-7324 (Gastroenterology)
703-635-2719 (Genetics)
703-635-7332 (Infectious Disease)
703-635-7366 (Nephrology)
703-635-2873 (Neurology)
703-635-2757 (Neurosurgery)
703-635-2768 (Pulmonary
703-635-3078 (Otolaryngology (ENT))
703-635-3734 (Ophthalmology)
703-635-3823 (Orthopaedics)
703-635-7263 (Plastics)
703-635-7268 (Physical Rehabilitation)
703-635-7674 (Rheumatology)
703-635-7309 (Urology) (Please be advised, this email is not for clinical advice or clinical inquiries. If you need clinical assistance, please call the appropriate clinic)

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