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COVID-19 Antibody Study for Children and Teens

Aug 05, 2020

PSV, led by Dr. Rebecca Levorson and Dr. Suchitra Hourigan, has partnered with Inova Children's Hospital and Virginia Department of Health on a COVID-19 Antibody Study to learn about the spread of  COVID-19 among children and teens. Testing is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to all who meet the criteria – please see the COVID-19 Study flyer for full details! The study will take place at our Hamaker Ct. location every Friday during August.

How to determine if your child is eligible? Visit: and enter the code DFDRP84TD. Complete the survey to determine your child's eligibility. All eligible participants will be directed to a scheduling system to set up an appointment. Once the participant's blood has been drawn, they will receive a $20 gift card!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help PSV, Inova Children's Hospital, and the Virginia Department of Health to learn more about COVID-19!