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Inova Children's 16th Annual Mohsen Ziai Pediatric Conference

Nov 01, 2022

Are you a pediatric specialist physician, family practice and emergency physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse, or an allied health professional? Be sure to register for our parent organization Inova Children's 16th Annual Mohsen Ziai Pediatric Conference this Friday and Saturday, November 4-5, 2022 at Capital One Hall in Tysons Virginia.

PSV's Dr. Chelsi Flippo (Endocrinology), Dr. Lindsey Waldman (Endocrinology), Dr. Rachel K. Casey (Gynecology), Dr. Rebecca Levorson (Infectious Diseases), Dr. Patricia Seo-Mayer (Nephrology) Dr. George Gantsoudes (Orthopaedics), Dr. Dagne Assefa (Pulmonary), Dr. Christiania Ho (Urology) and other Inova and community experts will be speaking during this two-day event. This conference will provide research, academic, and clinical information on a variety of current pediatric issues.

For more information or to register, please visit