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PSV Honors Clinical and Administrative Staff That Served in our US Military

Nov 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day to All Veteran and Active Duty Men and Women! 

PSV Clinical and Administrative Staff That Served in our Armed Forces:


Dr. Leon Moores, PSV CEO and Medical Director of Neurosurgery:  

I was privileged to have been able to serve my Country and all those who believe in freedom and individual liberty for 29 years in the US Army. In that career I met many extraordinary people around the world and it has always confirmed my beliefs that we are more similar than different, and that humanity will always find a way to be better in the future. 



William Judd, PSV COO:  

It was an honor and privilege to serve in the Army and defend the greatest nation in the world as a member of the armed services.  I am humbled by the dedication and selfless service from the heroic men and women who sacrificed all so that we may live a free life.  I am pleased to have been and will always consider myself an American Soldier. 




Dr. Rupa Dainer, PSV Chief Strategy Officer & Anesthesiologist:

I'm grateful for the time I spent in the Navy.  I met the most inspiring people who taught me the meaning of service and sacrifice.  





Dr. William McClintock, PSV Medical Director of Neurology:

I have great memories of my time in the Army.  Many of my colleagues from my time in service remain great friends.  I learned about the importance of teamwork and unit spirit in large organizations.





Dr. Jacquelyn Calbert, PSV Medical Director of Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics:

I must admit my many years in the U.S. Navy were both rewarding and challenging.  Living overseas for several years is an experience that I will never forget.  It is a lot of fun running into former sailors in various parts of the country and reminiscing about the good ‘ol days.




Shalysse Gramberg, PSV Radiology Technologist (Orthopaedic Surgery & Genetics):

My service in the Army was the best time of my life where I made life-long friends and was surrounded by like-minded individuals who hold sacrifice and discipline at a high standard.  I was exposed to many experiences which molded me into the professional I am today.  I will never lose my military mindset, and I will never forget my close friends that I lost along the way.  The Army is a big part of who I am, and I will never let it go.