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PSV Hosts Its First Fall Into CME NP/PA Education Day

Oct 11, 2018

PSV hosted its first Fall Into CME NP/PA Education Day on Friday, October 5th, at the Inova Fairfax Hospital Physicians Conference Center.  There were approximately 70 guests, including many local nurse practitioners, physician assistants, fellows, and primary care physicians.

PSV providers – Ian Leibowitz, MD (Gastroenterologist); William McClintock, MD (Neurologist); Karen Harriman, NP (Endocrinology); Robyn Morrissette, PA-C (Allergy & Immunology); Kathleen Scarbalis, PA-C (Hematolgy/Oncology); and Peggy Vollstad, PA-C (Neurosurgery) – covered various clinical subject matters including migraines, food allergies, pediatric neurosurgery, diabetes care, abnormal complete blood count (CBC), and abdominal pain in children.

A huge thank you to our moderator Neha Athale, FNP-BC (PSV Neurology), Dr. Leon E. Moores (PSV Chief Executive Officer & Chief Neurosurgeon) for opening remarks, all speakers, Inova Health System, and the community for participating and making this a wonderful event filled with learning and networking!

Please see the complete list of presentations below: