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Devon Miller, NP

Service: Neurology
Board Certifications:
Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB)
Areas of Clinical Interest:
Epilepsy, headaches/migraines, tics, NICU Graduates

Graduate School: Thomas Jefferson University (2021)
Undergraduate: Lafayette College (2014)

Awards & Recognition:

Children’s National “Good Catch” Award (2019)
Children’s National Excellence in Patient-Family-Centered Care Award (2017)

Clinic Locations: Ashburn, Fairfax

Service: Neurology
Where did you grow up?
Southern New Jersey
Why did you become a doctor and why did you choose your specialty?
I became a nurse because I loved the hands-on aspect of nursing care, and I got a lot of satisfaction out of helping others. I worked in the NICU for 6 years at Children’s National and noticed my favorite patients were always Neurology cases. I was also a Neuroscience major in my undergraduate program, so I have always loved learning about the brain and nervous system!
How long have you practiced in the Washington, DC area and what do you like most about it?
8 years. I love all the fun activities and great restaurants right at your fingertips!
What do you most enjoy doing outside of your clinical practice, when you’re not working?
Time with my family—my husband, daughter, and dog. I also love long walks, baking, cooking, and being outside.
Describe your proudest accomplishment as a provider and/or in your personal life:
Personally, my proudest accomplishment is my amazing daughter. Professionally, I am proud to provide compassionate care to my patients and families.
If you weren’t a doctor, what profession would you most likely be doing and why?
A zookeeper—I love animals!