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Urology Phone Number (Existing Patients): 703-635-7309

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Many urologic disorders and illnesses are unique to children, and may have a serious impact on a child’s overall well-being. That’s why it is important to trust your child’s care to a dedicated team of specialized pediatric urologists. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience diagnosing and treating disorders affecting reproductive and urinary organs in children. This expertise is one of the many reasons our Urology program is ranked in the top 20 in the country by US News and World Report.

Expert Urology Care at Pediatric Specialists of Virginia

At Pediatric Specialists of Virginia, we create a personalized treatment plan for every child tailored to specific diagnosis, age, and individual needs. We routinely review our complex cases on a weekly basis with all of the pediatric urologists in our practice. That means you get multiple experts weighing in on the best treatment course for your child. Our urologists also partner with experts from other specialties at PSV, ensuring that care is seamlessly coordinated.

Our Urology team is led by Medical Director Dr. Rachel Selekman, and includes other fellowship trained pediatric urologists and nurse practitioners.

At Pediatric Specialists of Virginia, the Urology program offers:

  • A family-centered environment: You can stay close by or even with your child for many of the diagnostic tests and procedures we perform. We make sure you know what to expect at every step, from diagnosis through treatment and surgery, and are informed about all of your child’s options.
  • Convenient scheduling and locations: We offer consultations in Northern Virginia at our Fairfax location.

Urologic Surgery at PSV

When we recommend surgery as the best treatment option for your child, you can feel confident that their care will be in the hands of one of the most experienced, precise and innovative surgical teams in the country. Here, we regularly repair the most complex conditions, ones that other centers in the region might handle only once or twice a year. Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive surgery to accelerate recovery, reduce pain, and keep scarring to a minimum. 

We have the ability to offer our patients unique surgical options such as pediatric robotic surgery, including use of the da Vinci® robotic surgical system, which allows our surgeons to perform precise movements for even the smallest patients. And our urologic surgeons aren’t just performing robotic surgery—we are active in the development of new assisted procedures that can improve outcomes and recovery.

Specialized Urology Programs

Specialists in our dedicated clinics offer additional support and resources for you and your family through our parent organization, Children’s National Health System.

  • Urinary Stone Program: One of the few programs in the U.S. dedicated to treating children with kidney, ureteral, and bladder stones
  • Wetting, Infection, and Stooling Help (WISH) Clinic: Focuses on helping children with simple voiding disorders, such as daytime wetting and bedwetting, as well as more complicated cases
  • Spina Bifida Program: Focuses on evaluation, management, and surgery for children born with neuropathic bladder dysfunction associated with Spina Bifida and other neurological disorders
  • Transitional Urology: Provides highly individualized, integrated care that helps complex adolescent patients and their families transition from pediatric to adult care.

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Existing Patient #: 703.635.7309

Fax #: 571.766.3189